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Soups and Salads

Soups & Salads


Black Bean and Corn Salad
Lisa B., John’s sister, sent me this recipe.  It’s suppose to go with broiled marinated shrimp.

Broccoli Cheese Soup
I got this from Cyndi D. She says it tastes better on the second day.

Broccoli Soup
My sister, Nan, adds 1/4 pound Velveeta cheese and 1/4-1/2 cups more milk. Also, she adds a couple shakes of salt.

Cheddar Chowder (Ham and Cheese Soup)
This is what I make out of leftover ham. It’s so good on a winter day.


Chili for Six
I’ve included this simple recipe because I have several young friends who have no idea how to make chili.

Chili for Fifty
This is my Daddy’s recipe for chili.  I don’t think he ever measured out the spices, so good luck!

Clam Chowder - New England Style
This is the best clam chowder I’ve ever eaten. It’s as good or  better than any clam chowder I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

Fiesta Corn Salad
Serve as a side dish.

Jane Horton’s Salad
It makes a great side dish.  Plus, you can keep it in the refrigerator for a week or two which really helps when you’re fixing a big dinner.


Macaroni Salad
Beth M. gave this to me and it’s delicious.

Pea Salad
This is a quick and easy salad if you need something in a hurry.

Pistachio Salad
Can be made a day ahead.

Potato Soup
I like this recipe because you don’t have to cut up the potatoes!

White Chili
I use my leftover chicken or turkey for this recipe. I’ve also put everything all at once in the crock pot and let it cook on high all day. It worked fine.





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