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Hospitality Tips

Hospitality is Key

to successful entertaining and we have a few things we need to learn. Becoming a gracious hostess is not an impossible task

First, we must be the best host or hostess possible to Christ, our unseen guest, every day.

Second, we need to prepare and look for opportunities to be
hospitable. Sharing our homes with guests become easier with practice. Just like anything you endeavor to do, sports, cooking, sewing music, hospitality takes practice too! Romans 12:13 even says that we should “practice hospitality.”


I’ve taken the word HOSPITALITY and created my own mnemonic* out of it. Here we go!
  • H ...How’d I get myself into this! more
  • O ...Only apologize for the way your home looks if a tornado or fire has come
            through your home 30 minutes prior to guests arriving. more
  • S ...Simplicity rules! more
  • P ...Plan ahead! Prepare ahead! more
  • I ...I will relax and enjoy myself. more
  • T ...Try potluck! more
  • A ...Anticipate something getting broken, especially if children are present. more
  • L ...Leave the lights down low to hide dust. more
  • I  ...Initiate conversation. more
  • T ...The world won’t come to an end if you forget something. more
  • Y ...Yeah, it’s over!!! more

The bottom line is this:
God advises us to be hospitable, so relax and enjoy! it’s not an impossible task.

I heard once that Fanny J. Crosby, the famous hymn writer, had as
her epitaph, “She did all she could.” I decided several years ago
that I want my epitaph to be from John 12:2 which simply read,
“Martha served.”

* Thanks, Susan G.





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