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Hospitality - T

T ...Try potluck!

This is a great way to entertain friends, and cheaper too!

If I have several people over for a meal, usually greater than ten, we’ll do potluck with, maybe, different soups and finger foods.

If you’re grilling, have each guest bring their own meat and one other dish. Or, you could do the main dish and two or three other side dishes and let others bring a dish.

I usually ask my friends what they want to bring. Most people have something in mind they prefer to make. I never dictate to them what to bring. Someone did that to me once and it made me so mad. I was instructed to bring pea salad to a friend’s get together. I had never made pea salad in my life! How much better if I had been given a choice to bring either a salad or desert.


Some people aren’t cooks at all and that’s fine. If they want to contribute something, let them bring pop, or chips, or even nothing. I never ask new guests in my home to bring potluck. I save this way of entertaining for good friends and family.





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