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Hospitality - S

S ...Simplicity rules!

I suggest starting small. Invite your friends over for a gathering, maybe  after Church on Sunday night. Add people you don’t know only after your comfortable with those you do know.

I usually have at least one or two old friends over at the same time I entertain strangers. It helps with conversation as long as you and your friends don’t talk about people and events the other guests will know nothing about.

Ironically, I’ve also found that it’s sometimes easier to have ten or more people at the same time because conversation is usually never lacking that way.


Keep your menu simple.

I have several fool proof recipes and meals that I routinely use for company. They’re usually a combination of store bought and home
made items. I found it’s easier, and people are more comfortable,
if you serve buffet style. I usually serve from my kitchen counter or dining room table.

I also try to make foods that don’t need any last minute preparation. Lunch meat on a pretty tray with a discretely placed lettuce leaf here and there can look as nice as a steak if served without apology and with a smile.





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