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Hospitality - A

A ...Anticipate something getting broken, especially if children are present. Also, anticipate that others don’t like your pets as much as you do.

Yes, I know I’m not responsible for other people’s children, but lot’s of parents don’t watch their own. Also, accidents are bound to happen with children and adults.

If you have something that is so valuable that you can’t stand to see it get broken, don’t leave it out in the open where it can get damaged easily. Put it up!

We’ve had several things broken through the years, but we’ve always been of the opinion that friends are more important than possessions, and I don’t leave out what I don’t want broken.


I do still use many of my good dishes and such. They’re not doing me much good sitting in the cabinet.

Plus, I try to keep a few kids toys or games around to keep children occupied, and plan ahead with store bought cookies, sippy cups, etc. Plus red Coolaid!

Keep your pets in the other room or outside. I’m trying to do better with this one.




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