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Appetizers and Beverages

Appetizers and Beverages


Black-Eyed Pea and Pepper Salsa
I’ve been real lazy before and just combined a jar of salsa, the black eyed peas, pepper and onion together and  I thought it tasted fine.

Cranberry Tea
My Mother always made this at Thanksgiving for Christmas. It’s pretty to serve.

It tastes just like what Mother used to make every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Great Punch
It’s the only punch recipe our church uses for fellowship activities where we need punch.  It’s cheap and really easy to make.

Ham Asparagus Fingers
You could use fresh asparagus that has been steamed and drained well. Also, try garlic salt instead of onion salt, or try both. Also, cheddar cheese is good also if you don’t care for hot pepper cheese. That’s just my preference, and it’s my made-up recipe!!!

Hidden Valley Bacon and Cheddar Dip
I’ve included this because Lela, Jacob, and Brent all like it and this is primarily a book for them. I wanted them to know how to make it and figured they wouldn’t know to look on the dressing package!

Homemade Easy Salsa
Also, you can add 1 small can of chopped green chilies if you want. I usually don’t. Tammy N. gave me this recipe. It’s sure a lot cheaper than buying salsa!

Hot Chocolate Mix
I made a bunch of this once and gave as Christmas gifts in a nice container.  Along with some cookies  or bread.  It made a nice inexpensive gift.

Knox Blox
I've seen several different recipes for Knox Blox, but this one works the best for me and always firms up. I've used sugar free Jello before, and it works fine.

Kool-Aid Punch
I made this for a wedding once with red Kool-Aid.  It was good, but I was red to my elbows!!  Maybe, you’re not as messy as me!


Mexican Dip No. 1
This dip is good, although I have to admit there are some on in the book that I like better. This one's real easy to make though!

Mexican Dip No. 2

Mexican Dip No. 3
My friend Charlie has given me most of these Mexican dip recipes. Thanks Charlie!!

Mexican Pizza
Tracey C. give me this recipe. Not only is she a good nurse and cook, but she’s a good friend as well!

Pastrami Cheese Ball
You can use a little package of chopped beef instead.

Peppermint Tea
This tea is so refreshing on a hot summer day.  Anita, John’s sister, gave me the recipe.

I use vegetable cooking spray (Pam) instead of oil. It’s a lot quicker. Also, you can add black beans or shredded cooked chicken or both for the filling.

Rye Sausage Appetizers
My friend, Cheryl, gave me this recipe. The only time I make it is every year for my Super Bowl Football party. It’s really good any time though!

Salted Pumpkin Seeds

Sausage Balls
I think they mix up better using the cheez whiz, but the grated cheese is cheaper.

Snack Meatballs
These are the only meatballs I make. I make them every Christmas to have at my Christmas Eve party.

Spiced Tea

Sub Sauce for Sandwiches
I vary what I put in here. John doesn't like peanut M&M’s, so I use plain. Plus, I’ve left out the butterscotch chips.

Witches Mix





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