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bullet  The Traditional Family MealFamilies eating meals together.

I’ve noticed throughout the years that the days
of families eating dinner together have dwindled so much that they’re practically nonexistent.

Busy work schedules and a continually expanding list of school activities continue to take their toll on the traditional dinner meal.

bullet  The Problem

Shortcuts to cooking easy meals.However, I think a lot of the problem is because we as parents haven't
been taught how to cook
and how to find shortcuts and less stressful
 ways of handling mealtime.


bullet  Let Me Offer a SolutionYour blueprint for dinnertime.

Martha's Kentucky Cookin’ can be your blueprint for dinnertime. You'll be especially appreciative at the end of a long day when you just don't feel like making another decision. I’ve included recipes for the way I cook at home; a mixture of homemade recipes and convenience foods to make mealtime easier.

Take notice! Some recipes take less preparation time for those more hectic days when you have less time.




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